Versatility and Styles

Jan 11, 2013



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Hello! Marsha here and I LOVE playing around with different artistic media and techniques. From photography, to soft sculpture, to just throwing paint onto paper, I enjoy new challenges and the education that comes with them!

I always learn something from going through the process of experimentation or creating just for the fun of it. Not everything turns out to be a masterpiece, but that’s okay! Art is definitely hard work at times but should always be fun! Over the years I’ve entered many art contests, won awards, had pieces in gallery shows and have created art for commission. I’ve never had my own art show though, so that that is still on my to-do list!

Below are some random images of things I’ve created. My Muppet Rawk 2 art show “Blizzard of Fozz” painting (spoofing an Ozzy Osbourne album cover) is featured on FLAX art & design’s website, HERE!



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