Global Talent Search 2014!

Aug 26, 2014



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Earlier this year I signed up for the Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search. When the brief arrived, I was super excited to find out that it was all about little terrariums for wall art! Here is my entry! I have also made this print available in my newly opened Etsy shop!

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It can also be seen in the official Global Talent Search gallery, here.

What inspired me to come up with the unicorn and fireflies concept? I have to start by saying that I LOVE gardening. My love of plants and flowers began at a very early age and here are a few pics to prove it!

My grandparents had a big terrarium on a stand in their home that I was always fascinated with. I used to imagine little creatures living in it. Hopefully my family has pictures of that terrarium someplace!

Also, over the last several years I’ve been planting pots and jars and placing toy animals in them to create little scenes, so this subject matter was right up my alley in many ways! I even blogged about my animal planters a while ago on my old blog! For Halloween last year, I created a few indoor “spooky” scenes and this year for our summer outdoor planters I decided to use dinosaurs.

So, as soon as I read the brief I knew I would incorporate some sort of creature in my design to create a little magical world. I decided on a night scene with a unicorn and fireflies since, well, I have a love for both and have caught (and released) many a firefly in a jar. I had a few other fun ideas, but kept coming back to my original one. I wanted to draw things that meant something to me.

Working on this was so much fun and I’m currently working on several coordinating patterns to create a collection.

Thanks for the opportunity Lilla and many congratulations to the top 50!

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