Emerald City Comicon 2014

Mar 21, 2014



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A lot of my artist friends have had booths and tables at comic conventions for years so I felt it was time to join in on the fun!

I have always had a thing for magic, monsters and mythology. When I was young, I watched more horror and B movies than I can remember. I played Dungeons & Dragons. I also loved books. Books of all sorts, but comics and children’s books were everything to me. What is better than a great story accompanied by beautiful or haunting artwork?

When planning my artwork for the show, I decided to create a series of art that was more graphic and silhouette based, but that also included my hand-painted textures in some way. I also wanted each piece to tell a story. I felt the direction I chose leaves the viewer to interpret each piece as they please. I don’t have to create all the details, the viewer can see what they’d like to see! Using one’s imagination is so important and I love that the viewer plays a part in my artwork.

Here’s a sneak peek of the art prints I’ll be selling there! There are ten different images in this first set, so if you’re going to Emerald City Comicon on March 28–30, please stop by Equinox Art & Design’s booth, GG-12, and have a look at the entire set of prints! Information about the show can be found HERE.

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