2016 Recap!

Dec 31, 2016



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Since it’s the final day of 2016, I decided to post this recap highlighting some of the art-related things that I am thankful for this year!

Kicking off 2016, in late December 2015, I designed, sculpted, and (with the help of my fellow Renton Municipal Arts Commissioners) installed a small public art installation in downtown Renton, Washington, called The Art Garden. It replaced an overgrown planting strip and features three large planters, drought-tolerant plants, and a river of white rocks with tumbled art glass. Solar wire LED lights are also woven through the rocks for a nighttime surprise! The public is invited to paint rocks and leave them there, and Renton Rocks was the first!

We signed up to exhibit at SURTEX again for a second time, and my work was chosen to be included in the pre-show promotional brochure, on page 5! We had a better show floor location this year too, and we met yet more wonderful people and potential clients! Thanks to Eric Cundy at Leatherback Printing for the fantastic job they did printing my booth graphics and promotional materials again this year!

In June, the historic Cortona building in downtown Renton was getting new windows, so we had an opportunity to have public art there, even though it would be temporary (on construction walls). I designed Peaks—a mural using duct tape, and my wonderful friend Mary Clymer helped install it. Thank you, Mary!

During the main Cortona renovation and building painting in July, the building owner commissioned me to paint a mural (thanks, Dave)! It was a lot of freehand work due to the design’s structured circular nature, but I am over the moon with how Transformation turned out! I’d love to do more murals in the future! A little more information and pictures are HERE.

In September, my good friend and fellow artist Tatyana Starikova flew in from NY for a visit! We originally met in one of Tara Reed’s classes and have been great friends ever since! We really wanted to get together with Tara while Tatyana was in town (since Tara lives in Portland, Oregon), and Tara suggested we meet up and spend the day at Mt. St. Helens! That excellent suggestion turned into a lovely day with perfect weather (and company).

After I dropped Tatyana off at the airport for her return home, I had to go set up for a Renton “Pop-Up Downtown” event. I designed a temporary “parklet”—which is a parking spot (or two) turned into a place for people to sit and relax for a bit. The Renton Municipal Arts Commission sponsored it, and I had built all the furniture in August before Tatyana arrived, so it was great to see how it all came together during set up! (P.S., I love my miter saw!) The event was a big success and folks even colored the coloring page I designed and hung them with other art pieces we strung on twine.

Next up is The Muybridge. My concept was to have each panel of a local one-way bridge feature a different frame from Eadweard Muybridge’s The Horse in Motion so that the horse would appear to gallop to the passenger of a car as it drives by. The Renton Municipal Arts Commission funded the project, and I worked with Rich at the Renton Printery to produce the decals they then installed.

Finally, in November, one of my patterns, Triangulum, was installed on a utility box in nearby Issaquah, Washington. More about them can be found in this article.

I hope each of you had a great 2016 too, and wish you an even better 2017! Cheers!!!

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